Seamless Siding

Quality Edge TruCedar® siding

Lynnrich provides TruCedar® “Stronger Than Steel” siding. The natural wood grain texture provides a more authentic and attractive look for lasting curb appeal. Since TruCedar® is engineered out of one of the strongest construction materials in the world, the product offers the industry’s best lifetime warranty with a Rust, Hail, and Fade Guarantee – ensuring your home’s exterior will never fade! The CarbonTech90® Steel and ColorLock resist cracking, fire, termites, rust, and decay.

Built To Last

Just like your family, steel is designed to last. It is the strongest material available to cover a home’s exterior. TruCedar® is


finished with a paint system that resists the sun’s harmful rays and prevents fading and chalking – keeping your home looking great for years to come. Maintenance is a breeze. You can eliminate most of your annual exterior work with just a simple rinse with a garden hose, to help keep your siding looking fresh and clean – allowing you to spend your time enjoying your home and not up on a ladder painting all summer. Plus, TruCedar® steel siding is energy efficient, sustainable, and safe for the environment. It’s made from recycled material and is 100% recyclable, reducing the carbon footprint of your home.

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