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Since the late 1930’s, Marvin has been creating windows and doors of superior quality with a human touch. The company has earned a reputation for fine craftsmanship, using only quality materials to build windows and doors that are beautiful and long lasting.

Recognizing a need for non-wood replacement windows for discerning homeowners like you, Marvin presents Infinity®, a revolutionary line of replacement products developed with the expertise of an industry leader.

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Maintenance-free acrylic finish and color options.

Our fade-resistant acrylic finish resists scratches, chalking, fading, chipping, denting and peeling to protect your home’s curb appeal.

Put the finishing touches on your window design.

We offer a full range of hardware finish options for stye that truly complements your Infinity windows.

Let the natural light in.

Our glass options are perfect for allowing natural sunlight indoors, decorative options allow for style and privacy, view more at

Performance Glass


Primarily used in colder climates, Low E1 allows more heat in (maximum solar heat gain) to warm a room while blocking heat loss (radiant heat transfer). Achieve maximum benefits when used on elevations with direct sun exposure. Low E1 has one layer of metallic coating.

Low E2 offers year-round performance in moderate climates. It will help retain heat in your home during the winter and keep heat out during the summer. Low E2 has two layers of metallic coating. It also blocks 84% of the sun’s UV rays to reduce fading.
Low E3 rejects solar heat while letting light in, resulting in increased performance in climates with intense sun exposure. Low E3 has three layers of metallic coating. It also blocks up to 95% of the sun’s damaging UV rays.
With an extra metallic layer on the room-side glass to reflect escaping heat back into the room, Low E3/ERS provides maximum efficiency year-round in all conditions. Low E3/ERS has four layers of metallic coating.

Specialty Glass

Increases glass strength to help prevent breakage. This option is ideal for windows and doors that are close to the floor or located in high-traffic areas.
Even more durable than tempered glass, laminated glass is often referred to as impact resistant or safety glass due to its vinyl interlayer that tends to remain in place when cracked.
Sound Transmission Class and Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class Glass has increased pane thickness, ideal in areas where exterior noise is a concern.
A dual pane option where one pane is made of regular or annealed glass and the other pane is made from tempered glass, meeting California fire zone code. Infinity windows are not fire-rated.

Decorative Glass

Worry-free window replacement, built for life.

Bring new life to your home with beautiful windows made with the strength of Ultrex® fiberglass. Built to last and backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty. Because replacing your windows is something you should only have to do once.

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Intentional Design

The strength of Ultrex allows us to design for narrow profiles, so you can enjoy bigger views and more daylight in your home.

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Energy Efficient

Ultrex fiberglass is resistant to leaks, seal failures and stress cracks that could impact your energy efficiency.

Built For Life Lynnrich
Built For Life

Custom-built windows from Infinity harness the strength of Ultrex fiberglass to bring new life to your home. Ultrex expands 87% less than vinyl and resists expanding and contracting in any climate.

Limited Lifetime Warranty 1 Lynnrich
Limited Lifetime Warranty

Even though Infinity products are Built for Life®, we proudly offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty to give you peace of mind. It’s our pledge to you that we will stand behind our products for as long as you own your home. Because some decisions, like replacing your windows, should only be made once.

Lasting beauty for your home.

Custom-built windows from Infinity harness the strength of Ultrex fiberglass to bring new life to your home.

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